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  • Fun way to spend a cold winter day!!

  • The lady is not unknown for me ! i like the rendition of the decor of casino . But do you know , John,, the first floor of the "galeries Lafayette , historical great shop of Paris looks like that ?
    In friendship

  • gravy groovy

  • She looks too happy to be playing the slots! ;-) :-D
    Beautiful painting, J! Love the colors! :-)
    HUGS!!! :-)

  • Been visiting Las Vegas?

  • Seems like she had the entire casino all to herself. Usually, some casinos have so much lighting, that you do not know if it is day or night outside.

  • My MIL which lived until 97 or 98 loved slot machines and usually won.

    Lovely painting!!!

  • I can't look at a bank of slots, without remembering the 80-year-old man, at the Silver Slipper, in 1980, going back and forth between five different machines- and no one else was allowed near them.

  • Such colors! :D
    Which casino are you taking reference from?

  • I hope she walked away with her winnings!

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