February 23, 2015

  • Theism

    A fundamental problem with many theists, is we like to argue against nature. We oppose natural law, natural order, natural processes. Forgetting all the while, God created nature. Arguing against nature is like arguing against God. Embrace God. Embrace the truth.


    Go outside and hug a snowdrift.

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  • just checking to say hello.

  • That's some good logic but I don't like hugging snow drifts. :D

  • Sorry about the two redundant comments above. I thought I had accidentally deleted one and so had to write another one. Now I cannot delete it! :(

  • It seems this is the sweetest, and most profound short post you have written. I wholeheartedly agree with you., dear friend John.
    I hope your driveway is thawed and the mountains of snow have diminished in their height. Love and hugs.

  • The sweetest, short post you have written it seems. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Loved this post John, dear friend. I hope your driveway has thawed out, and the snow is not as much and as treacherous as it has been this past month or more. Love and hugs.

  • it's been snowing here for eleven hours straight...my grandson built a fine snowman earlier, then I took the dogs out to do their duty before bedding down and they ran over and tore it's head off...I think I'll go and embrace the wood heater, I can't remember not embracing God and Nature.

  • RYC :Who would have been able to describe the gestures of the body, the qualities of that exercise and the vital purpose to keep warm in the house , better than you, John who have built a cabin in wood worked by your hands ?
    In friendship

  • We are desperate for snow. Send me some and I will hug it.

  • You are like St Fran├žis of Assisis , John
    In friendship

  • Sounds more like a deists point of view - that the existence of God is manifest not in sacred scripture and divine revelation but in the wonder of nature and logical thought! I would aver that the intricacy of the natural world is only one piece of the puzzle in revealing the divine...

  • I love nature! No snow today...so I hugged a tree! Is that an okay substitute?! :-)
    HUGS!!! to you, too! :-)

  • I love nature, but I think I'll pass on hugging the snowdrifts... I also like warmth. :)

  • I love God, and I love nature. I can sit outside and enjoy it all day.

  • God builds, Man tears down-only to try and replicate.

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