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  • I listend to you on You Tube . Captures and the following " a little less than crazy" /Your music is a bath of harmony, very soothing or again a musical veil above us .
    I tried to write acomment on You Tube butit was impossible. I Wonder why . So you have here the comment I would have put on you Tube
    with my compliments
    In friendship


  • Thanks for lovely music. I sure hope all is going well for you, John,



  • Sounds lovely.

  • Oh yay! I haven't been by here in awhile, so thought I'd stop today...and YAY you are playing your music for us! Thank you so much! I love hearing you play! :-)
    What a beautiful composition! It is light and airy and romantic and makes me smile! :-)
    I hope you and your sweetie had a Happy Valentine's Day!!! :-)
    I put up a silly Valentine's post on my WordPress blog! :-D
    HUGS!!! :-)

  • Hope your Valentine's Day was lovely. We had blizzard warnings and very cold weather that blew in. Nice to have a warm house to play beautiful music in! :-)

  • Great piano love song! Also couldn't help admiring the llama sweater! Sparky has been looking for one but no luck so far - just don't want to have to travel to S. America to find one!

  • Happy Valentines Day, John. Beautiful music. Very soothing and pleasing to the ear. Thank you.

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