Month: November 2014

  • Snap!

    I wonder if always having something to do is the best thing.

    Pros - keeps me out of trouble, I never get bored, I sleep well

    Cons - I never get in any trouble, I never get bored, I need to sleep more.

    I did enjoy a few days of hunting. The peace and quiet of sitting for hours in the forest did me good. I walked about quite a bit too, just enjoying the land uninterrupted by responsibilities.

    I drew this cartoon after my mind started to wander....


    (Click on image to see larger view)

    In addition to household chores and getting The Artists Cave prepped for business I worked on the new addition to the Golisano Children's Hospital at the Strong Medical Center in Rochester. Most people take it for granted what goes into building a hospital. A lot of thought and effort are invested into the design and construction of these amazing modern miracle centers. From the roof we witnessed daily arrivals by Mercy Flight Central, as choppers landed and took off from the rooftop helipad. At each arrival I was compelled to offer a prayer for the desperate patient involved.

    Thanksgiving was splendid and today I am heading out to set up for a holiday arts and crafts show and sale. Tomorrow I am playing piano as part of the day long entertainment that will be provided. I have been trying to practice daily, and refine some of my compositions so that I can perform a worthy hour.

    Thank you to all who haven't abandoned me yet, most especially the Lord and his angel Lorilily.



  • My Apologies

    I do plan to blog and visit you all soon.

    Who would of thought having two full time jobs could be so demanding?

  • National Education Reform Initiative

    1. Form a dedicated network for the sole purpose of education.

    2. Provide students and educators with access to the network.

    3. Repurpose the classroom setting to focus on social skills and the practical application of academic studies.

    4. Make the common core curriculum the bedrock for the foundation of education.

    5. Offer customized education alternatives to the full spectrum of students with special needs and abilities.



    1. Dedicate a broadcast bandwidth to the sole purpose of providing educational materials to parents, students and education professionals.
    2. Develop a web style base program accessible to all, founded on the principles of mainstream educational goals, that is the advancement of human evolution, civilization and the preservation of the human spirit. To promote the understanding and ability to use language and mathematics to effectively communicate and solve problems associated with daily life both in the microcosm of the individual and the macrocosm of humanity in general.
    3. Model the program structure after popular gaming platforms, wherein individuals can unlock higher levels of education upon the completion of prerequisite levels.
    4. Utilize a network of top educational professionals throughout the nation, or even globally to develop and implement the outline of content for the broadcast band.


    1. Provide all students and educators with electronic devices which allow access to the network.
    2. Reduce the consumption of paper goods and the dependency on textbooks which become outdated.
    3. Introduce security and fail safes to insure individual privacy and accountability.
    4. Allow for upgrading systems as new technologies become available.


    1. Repurpose educators to providing an educational environment dedicated to helping students navigate the stages of self education.
    2. Make the central focus of the classroom setting be guiding individuals in developing  social skills and finding practical applications for the materials in the net based curriculum.
    3. Provide individual assistance to students with special needs.
    4. Provide and supervise an environment which is conducive to learning.
    5. Employ physical activities, games, contests etc., in order to develop the individual physically as well as mentally.


    1. Provide universal access to the fundamentals of language arts, mathematics, history, science and philosophy.
    2. Provide additional access to the fine arts, music and religious studies.
    3. Maintain a comprehensive online library of information available to all students based on their advancement level, abilities and achievements.


    1. Provide custom learning centers focusing on individual needs and abilities where individuals display exceptional ability or inability to learn or advance.
    2. Maintain centers of higher education, universities and colleges.


    Begin the implementation of the National Education Reform Initiative making the network and electronic notebooks available by 2022.